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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 27, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning, decision made. arizona's governor vetoes a controversial bill that some called anti-gay. what it means for her state and the rest of the country. breaking overnight -- >> leave all your belongings and get off this aircraft. >> passengers forced to leave everything behind and quickly get off a plane. new details about the emergency evacuation just coming in. the father factor. the biological clock for dad is now ticking a lot louder. what a man's age means for his offspring's health. and doggone shame. are these pups really remorseful? how our four-legged friends really feel when good dogs go bad.
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good morning. i'm john muller. >> and i'm marci gonzalez in for diana perez. we begin with the end of that controversial legislation in arizona fueling a bitter debate over gay rights and religious freedom. >> under mounting pressure governor jan brewer vetoed the bill seen by many as a veiled attempt to legally discriminate against gays. abc's tahman bradley has more. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: jubilation outside arizona's capital after word of governor jan brewer's decision to veto the bill spread. >> i call them like i see them despite the cheers or the boos from the crowd. >> reporter: the moment captured by this photo released overnight on the governor's twitter account. 1062 caused a firestorm of controversy and set off a national debate. the bill would have allowed arizona businesses the right to refuse to serve gay people on religious grounds. >> the bill is broadly worded and could result in unintended and negative consequences.
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>> reporter: supporters argued the bill would protect religious freedom. >> we want for people to be able to have their belief systems respected. >> reporter: opponents said it invited discrimination. >> what it's going to take for us to really have discussions about promoting equal rights for all members of our community. >> reporter: the defeat of 1062 is the latest victory for supporters of gay rights and another sign of a changing nation, one that's becoming more tolerant, but the battle continues for gay rights supporters. a handful of other states have introduced religious protection legislation similar to arizona. gay rights activists say these measures open the door to allowing people to use religion as an excuse for prejudice. >> what's happening to all these people who are being discriminated against, their religious freedoms are being restrained or not allowed, and so we're still waiting for examples. >> reporter: tahman bradley, abc news, washington. breaking news now in the deepening crisis in ukraine. armed gunmen have seized government buildings in the crimea region. that's a strategic peninsula in the black sea. there's no word yet on what the armed men want but they put up a
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russian flag and a sign that said, crimea is russian. ukraine's pro-russian president was ousted last week. the acting president is warning russian troops to keep out of ukraine. so is the u.s. secretary of state. kerry says russian intervention would be a grave mistake. russia questioned the legitimacy of the new ukrainian leadership. ukrainian security forces are on high alert. more breaking news from overnight. smoke in the cabin of a delta connection flight that landed in oakland, california. the plane made it to the jetway when about 80 people who flew from l.a. had to evacuate. >> leave all your belongings and get off this aircraft. we cannot breathe back here. go. >> flight attendants also opened the emergency exits, but no slides were deployed, and everyone deplaned normally. the investigation into what caused the smoke is under way. more breaking news this morning, three people are dead in a plane crash in hawaii. small plane went down last night minutes after taking off from
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the lanai airport. the aircraft landed in an area of brush, caught fire one mile from the runway. its remote location made rescue difficult. three other people were also injured. the victims' identities have not yet been released. californians are waking up this morning to the first of two rainstorms. >> now as you can see from the map, the storm covers pretty much the entire state, dropping rain and much-needed snow in the higher elevations. by the end of the week california may have gotten the most rain it's seen in three years. as much as 8 inches in some areas. that might lead to mud slides in the foothills of southern california, so officials are calling for voluntary evacuations. particularly vulnerable are those areas near los angeles that were burned out by last month's wildfires. there's no vegetation to keep the dirt from washing down. >> there's a lot of folks here that are really scared. >> one thing after another. the fire was one thing, but we've got another one right behind it. >> well, the second storm
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arrives tomorrow and is the stronger of the two. it could add flash flooding, strong winds and hail to the threat of mud slides and snow in the mountains. >> but, of course, it won't be as much as in minnesota. it can be pretty unless you're trying to drive in it. the strong winds are whipping up blizzard-like conditions and whiteouts from the red river valley to iowa. the north-south roads are the worst because the winds are coming from the west. all right. well, luckily, no more snow expected today in minnesota, but there will be light snow in most of the east, bitter cold temperatures in the upper midwest. sunny along the gulf coast. >> today's high is about 32 degrees in new york, 10 degrees warmer in washington and 52 in atlanta. those storms are also keeping things cooler on the west coast. deliberations are likely to start later in kerry kennedy's drugged driving trial. on the stand yesterday the daughter of robert f. kennedy said she didn't realize she had taken a sleeping pill before getting behind the wheel. she said if she had, she would have pulled over before driving into a tractor trailer. she also reminded the suburban new york jury of her family's legacy. some new security measures are being put in place for this
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year's boston marathon. the running of the race on april 21st will be the first since last year's deadly bomb blast. organizers aren't allowing runners to bring backpacks or personal items starting in that area. they're also banned near the finish line and along the course. a federal judge has struck down a texas gay marriage ban calling it unconstitutional. the judge also said that the law stigmatizes gay couples. the decision makes texas the biggest conservative state to rule against a ban on same-sex marriage, but the texas law remains in effect pending an appeal that will likely end up in the supreme court. well, nasa has announced the discovery of 715 new planets in the milky way galaxy, almost double the number of known planets. >> all of them are in multiplanet star systems just like ours, and most are closer in size to earth than gas giants like jupiter. four new planets are in orbits considered habitable and not too hot, not too cold for liquid water to exist.
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>> fascinating, right? >> uh-huh. all right. better late than never. coca-cola finally figured out a new treat, and they have been working on it for three decades. and raising the risk. new details about what role a dad's age would play on their offspring. plus, run for it. new video this morning of a group of suspects making a mad dash from the law.
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welcome back. we're learning just how costly that data breach at target was. the discount retailer says its profits plunged by almost half in the fourth quarter. target says its sales are improving and it pledges to win
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back customers now with what it calls eye-popping irresistible deals. delta air lines overhawing its frequent flier program instead of tying them to miles flown based on the priciest tickets. business travelers will reap the most benefits. the change goes into effect next year. also losing big, job seekers in atlantic city, more than 1300 showing up at a casino to apply for 50 jobs. another casino closed last month. that threw about 1600 people out of work and many of those were on the lines yesterday. get ready for big changes in those nutrition labels you see at the supermarket. today the obama administration will announce the new rules. among the changes there will be more emphasis on calories and sugar, less on fat and serving sizings will reflect how much we actually eat. germofolks, take note. >> bio coat has created a sleeve
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that promises to eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria from an iphone's surface. the cases aren't cheap and cost anywhere from $45 to $57. much less expensive is the new diet coke cherry slurpee. >> it will change names and become diet coke cherry frost in late may when it expands to other convenience store chains. coke says it's taken decades to figure out how to make its top selling diet drink into a slurpee that tastes good. now you can decide. the viral video of a high school skier asking gracie gold to the prom. this morning, she responds. powerful pill. outrage growing over a new drug that could soon be approved by the fda. what's the big concern? the luckiest man on earth. wait till you hear how he won 10 million bucks.
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check that out. it's so cold in chicago this week, you can walk on lake michigan and that's just what that man did. he was first spotted about 300 yards off shore after he finished his walk he was greeted by the police who issued him a vietation. they were worried the ice might give way and he would ball through. for those walking or driving on roads there could be slippery conditions in the east and northern rockies and wet roads in south florida. watch out for mud slides and flash flooding in california. and if you're flying airport delays possible in san francisco, los angeles and salt lake city. a new study this morning tying older dads to children with psychiatric problems. >> researchers say kids born to middle-aged men are more likely to develop autism, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. the risk goes up when the dad is 45 or older. the study was the biggest of its kind involving data from 2.5 million people. dozens of doctors and health
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care advocates are pushing the fda to stop a powerful new painkiller from going to market. the drug called zohydro is five to ten times more potent than a similar pill vicodin. the fda approved it last fall. it goes on the market next month. critics also say it is potent l potentially addictive. well, another look this morning at justin bieber after his dui arrest in miami beach last month. newly released surveillance video shows the 19-year-old taking a sobriety test at the police station, stumbling as he tries to walk a straight line. at the request of his attorney, clips of him giving a urine sample were withheld. he pleaded not guilty to drunk drive. lisa kudrow ordered to pay her former manager $1.6 million. the "friends" star had an oral agreement but no written contract with scott howard. a california jury agreed that kudrow owed him residuals from money she earned on the sitcom.
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by the time "friends" ended she was earning more than $1 million per episode. dramatic rescue for a cruise ship passenger. a middle age man airlifted by coast guard helicopter crews. his medical issues unknown but the aircrew was there to help hoist anymore in their jayhawk helicopter and took him to a tampa hospital. wild scene from nashville. police chasing a van with several robbery suspects inside after they pulled into a parking lot several jumped out while it was still moving and fled on foot. four in custody. they stole several items including a tv during a home invasion. a man who keeps several exotic animals near chicago is facing several misdemeanor charges after taking his tiger for a walk. >> can you believe that? it happened in lockport, illinois. he was walking the tiger on several exotic animals including wolves and a bear. earlier, both were seen in a local bar. >> there were people in their cars shouting is that a tiger?
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>> does that surprise you? >> it does. well, it surprises me there is a tiger in a bar. >> sounds like a bad joke. the same bar where a tiger apparently bit a woman in december. but she never reported it. he sometimes brings them to local schools. a 53-year-old man is at least $10 million richer this morning thanks to a mistake. >> yeah, jerry kajfasz won win for life cards. the store clerk gave him one he didn't ask for. jerry gave it back and had second thoughts and went back into the store. >> i said give me that ticket that he almost gave me by accident and another $5 ticket and there it was, there was a winner. it was amazing. yeah. and it just happened. unbelievable. >> yeah, absolutely unbelievable. he just had that gut feeling, you know. so jerry promptly retired. good call. he plans to take the family on
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vacation to poland. okay, and because the winning ticket was claimed in the name of his family's youngest son, that minimum $10 million payoff could get much higher over time. >> that is awesome. >> i'm sure he is so thankful he went back in. >> the store clerk would have kept it and scratched it off. >> kicking himself. all right, earlier this week we told you about the high school kid in california who invited american figure skater gracie gold to his prom. >> yeah, dyer pettijohn is his name and that's the video. he invited her to go to the prom. went viral and she said actually that she would love to go with him about she can work it into her busy schedule. gold will be doing a tour with other olympic skaters and training. it's a maybe, marci. >> it's a maybe. i don't know. >> i'll see if i can pencil you in. time for sports highlights. >> we have hoops, some hard ball and our friends at espn. good morning, america.
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welcome to the "sportscenter" set. >> adjusting in. >> bristol, ken nut. >> he's neil everett and i'm stan verrett. >> wait till you see the j.j. redick catch. just kidding. clippers and rockets wednesday at the staples center where stan and i used to work right across the street. deandre jordan there, darren collison here. clippers up three. an entertaining ball game on espn, i might add. chandler parsons tries to get the club back in it but collison, 19 points, 12 in the fourth quarter. clippers won, 101-93. spring training baseball but josh reddick is ready for the regular season. look at that catch. robbing michael morrison. this is giants and a's. and reddick making the grab. fourth inning, morris batting again and reddick goes up and does it again. reddick's ready for the season.
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a's beat the giants, 10-5 in that game. >> patio furniture, patty o, not patio. >> we get it. michael offered to -- reddick offered to buy michael morris to dinner for taking the two home runs away from him. back to you. >> love it. baseball back. another baseball highlight kind of happens to be our "play of the day." >> check out the milwaukee brewers new training camp mascot hank racing the sausages they usually race at home games. hank got off to a slow start. but he quickly made up ground. now, word is that hank might become a part of the regular season races at milwaukee's miller park. that's the just that just happened to wander in, a stray, they were looking for a home for him but i guess they've decided to keep him because that costume is perfect. >> now he's a hot dog. >> very cool. >> by the end of the season he'll be winning that race. up next "the pulse" where jimmy kimmel gets colorful.
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♪ welcome back. time to check "the pulse" and we start with a rather unique outfit worn by jimmy kimmel. >> he wore a suit completely made of loom bracelets. basically the small rubber bands that the children weave together. >> kimmel asked for and received thousands and thousands of them from viewers. >> please know that right now each and every one of my body hairs is caught in a rubber band simultaneously. [ cheers and applause ] >> you have to laugh at that one. the show received so many looms they had enough to make a pair of shorts for guillermo. >> his band even wore ties made from the extra bracelets. you have one of those suits. is that why -- >> i promise i'll wear it. that is a solemn vow. dog lovers' walk of shame. wasting their time. >> we've seen those websites dedicated to embarrassing pets who behave badly but canine
4:24 am
experts say dogs have no shame. when they're caught in the head their heads cower and ears go back, their eyes droop but vets who study the psychology of dogs say they are only reacting to their owner's tantrum. >> i don't know. my dog had shame. instead of trying to shame the dog owners should get over it and keep them away from temptation in the first place. >> those photos are still funny. >> when i went, what did you do, he hung his head low. he had shame. okay, what you take in the red carpet at the sunday's academy awards keep 4-year-old fashion design mayhem in mind. using craft paper and tape she made some pretty amazing one-of-a-kind dresses. >> also sometimes uses glue to hold together creations and works with aluminum foil, tissue paper and wrapping paper. in addition to the originals she also can do knockoffs, as well. seen here in this taylor swift copy. >> that's pretty creative. i wonder how much mom is helping. >> i don't know but if she's 4 years old doing that on her own
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 4:28. open thursday morning. a major commuter problem. >> that is the breaking news. all lanes of southbound 101 are closed after a tanker overturned and spills fuels. abc7 news reporter matt keller is on the scene. >> there is a commuter nightmare southbound on 101. all lanes are closed at the off-ramp a mile down the road is where it took place on 101. a big rig carrying a tanker everturned. the c.h.p. says it was carrying 85,000 gallons of fuel. some spilled on the road. a police officer said he heard homes were evacuated. a woman said she was told to leave her home. crews are working on getting the
4:29 am
fuel into another tanker. fish and wildlife were call to make sure it does not spill into local waterways. it could take several hours to clone. you will be forced off southbound 101 and you can take monterey to get around theness and get back on the freeway a few miles down the road. we will keep you updated. keep us up to date. >> and now, sue? >> southbound, if there is a saving grace, it is that it is southbound, the non-commute direction. we have a sig-alert. northbound 101 because of all the activity we will get the commute direction to see slow traffic. southbound 101 is closed with a detour in place. another bad incident for the
4:30 am
commute this morning coming from tracy westbound 205 another overturned tanker in the middle lanes. traffic is backing. unfortunately, the alternate is to go 5 south to 132 to 80 west. it will be a tough morning. good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd domed in on the not bay where between bodega bay up to cloverdale we have the best radar return so 116 has ponding on the roads. notice the row television of the light showers will continue through the morning. they are coming from southwest to northeast. a hot of us are going to be dry this is the potential for scattered light shower through the morning. it is breezy, too. first forecast showers will taper late this afternoon. presses will ramp up at the benches. we will hang out in the purpose 50's and upper 50's to mid-60's inland. from san jose,


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